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For over 30 years, I have visited many alternative healers for various reasons. As is the story with many practitioners, some are technically proficient and reliable with their application of knowledge and others go into a zone and appear to be lead by something other than digging out the learned knowledge. 


Ulrika is in the latter category. Her gentle spirit coupled with her compassion and understanding of beings and energy fields both here and beyond made a superb visit for me. She was calm, centered, receptive and quiet and only willing to share her experience if I was interested (other practitioners have spewed information at inopportune times). I experienced significant physical shifts, emotional surfacing, clearing, and energy movement the entire time. Ulrika took time to listen, understand, express curiosity, and offer her findings as possibilities. 


Her healing technique is such that I will travel five hours to go have another session with her in the near future.


In my effort to reach an optimistic and healthier mental/emotional state in my cancer recovery, I felt the need for an Energy Healer as a component to my new wellness routine. While every healer is unique in their practice, I have experienced physical sensations with Ulrika unlike any other- deeply calming yet at the same time exciting. I can literally feel the energy moving within. I've felt temperature changes, sensations in my head, seen different colors or flashes of light, and at times it has felt "heavy" in my chest or throat when she is nowhere near those areas, but never in an alarming way- I've always felt safe and in good hands so to speak.


Ulrika's energy is very supportive and compassionate and I enjoy the discussion after- exchanging what we both experienced, her interpretation of the sensations I felt and the connection between our experiences. Following a session, I've always felt relaxed, revived and happily looking forward. I'm deeply grateful to Ulrika for playing an integral role in my recovery and beyond!



I wanted to try a holistic approach to clear out old energy that felt blocked in my heart chakra. Ulrika's spot treatment worked magic with lifting the heaviness. It's hard to put into words the depth of healing that took place over three treatments, but it was real and it worked. Ulrika is a true healer, one that I value and highly recommend.


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