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What I do and why/how

Updated: Jan 24, 2021


Do I sense electrical pulses? Muscle spasms? Heart beats? I have no clue- I only know how it FEELS in my hands. Sometimes I see images in my minds eye, or “hear” words or names that make zero sense to me, but always mean something to my client. I am not unique, chosen, special or even particularly gifted. What I am is extremely curious and I am a voracious reader.

It all began when I had a very real and disturbing dream that my extremely healthy, 52 year old Dad had asymptomatic stage 4 lung cancer. It turned out my dream came true, down to the smallest detail. I wanted to know HOW and WHY I dreamed about my dad’s cancer a month before it’s discovery, with detailed info on the outcome and diagnosis. How do you logically explain that?

Thanks to years of education telling me I was unworthy due to my gender, humanness or whatever, I believed myself to be in fact unworthy of anything like a vision or a knowing, let alone some sort of prophetic dream! I still see it like that a bit, but it’s because I don’t think that what I do is all that special or that others are incapable of learning to do the same.

My years spent in parochial school taught me that we were all “created in God’s image” and that God is perfect. I do believe that to be true metaphorically. I believe that we all carry a spark of God within- a piece from the Universe. Some call it a piece of home. I think it is what we most often refer to as our spirit or soul. I also believe we can access that piece through meditation.

Remember that part about voracious reading & curiosity? Throw in “tenacious” and you have the tools that brought me to become an energy healer. That title still doesn’t accurately depict what I do- I am more of a guide because I don’t do the healing, I just lead YOU to it.

I only know what worked for me, and that was some pretty serious mediation. And because I am a tenaciously curious and voracious reader, I eventually read a book called “Holographic Universe” which blew my mind and lead me to the Barbara Brennan book, “Hands of Light”. That book changed my life and my perspective on everything. It also led me to believe that EVERYONE can do this- that’s why she wrote the book! So that meant that I could do it- I just had to TRUST my senses. Not easy to do when you are filled with self doubt and extreme skepticism toward anything mystic or weird, which is exactly what I thought all this was.

Barbara was right- even though I had zero confidence in my abilities, I was able to feel SOMETHING. And then I followed it and kept following it until I landed in a seminar lead by the most profound healer I have ever encountered. I was drawn to her because she was a SCIENTIST! At last, my need for proof was met and I trusted her and her DATA! Which says so much about me, faith and what I do - yes, I know, I know!

There are plenty of places out there that offer up data- my favorite is They have a super easy to navigate website, filled with all the scientific data my little doubting human brain needed - it is heaven!

It turns out that a TON of data is transmitted through touch, and if you are able to calm your mind you will be able to pick up on it. Maybe you won’t feel the pain sensations I do, but you will discover your own path, which I always find works better than just blindly stumbling along after some expert. You are your OWN expert! No one understands the sensations YOU are feeling or picking up from others. You just need to learn how to interpret them.

That’s all I do - I’m just a messenger or guide helping you out along your path.

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