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About Me

Sensing magical energy  - Pair of female

When I first became aware of my abilities, I thought 

that I was either losing my mind or that I had some

horrible disease and was probably dying because none

of it made sense to me.  

I was never interested in spirituality, distrusted organized religion, and probably would have dismissed anyone who

was into either one. So, I guess you could say I was a bit resistant to the idea of becoming an energy healer.

Fortunately, I began to trust the sensations in my hands

and what that meant for my client. I learned to trust what

I heard and saw in my mind's eye and then learned

to leave my mind out of it. 

As my awareness grew, people in need of a fresh start

began appearing in my life, and I knew it was time to

share my gifts with you.

In my spare time, I fill my soul as a volunteer raptor

handler at a local wildlife rescue center.

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