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My Approach

For those of you who may be familiar with Energy Healing techniques, I perform Chelation and a technique I call the Life Wheel based on the heart chakra. 


Sessions begin with the client lying fully clothed on the table while I place my hands on your feet. 

Some people experience a physical sensation like tingling, buzzing, or pressure, and some just a pleasant feeling of relaxation, but every person is different.


I move my hands up your body, following specific energy points to your knees, hips, abdomen, and then heart. Once I reach your heart, I move my hands in a clockwise circle around the center of your chest, working toward your hips, shoulders, and then up to your head.


This technique gives me a fairly accurate indication of when the trauma may have occurred, allowing for a more targeted approach. 

Through the specific energy points, I am able to pick up any physical or emotional trauma through sensations in my hands and then use my hands as a channel to help clear it. 


To me, physical pain feels the same as emotional pain, and energetically, they have the same effect on you. 


Sometimes, I see images and hear words or names that I will relate to you at the end of the session.


We then discuss all of the information from a whole-person perspective, and you decide on some self-care items you would like to work on.


Some clients experience immediate relief from physical and emotional discomfort, while others require a few sessions.


This should in no way be thought of, nor is it intended to be used as a medical treatment or diagnosis.

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